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Emanuel Dukes
I am Founder and operations manager for Dream Home Buyers MD LLC . I have a great passion for helping people with there home situations. I had a classmate when I was little in elementary school whose family had financial problems and lost their home .I remember the look on his face the last time I saw him scared and worried and since than I wanted to help people with their home problems. I love how working in this company allows me to help others on a daily basis. I love spending time with my family and friends, watching sports and talking about different avenues of growing.

Our Company

Here at Dream Home Buyers MD LLC we love the chance to creating a Win-Win scenario. We are dedicated and take proud in helping people in a time of need with our great support, problem solving smooth and shift actions. We also take pride in open communication which helps everyone in the process of getting the job done fast and effectively. As most Companies our name represents us our values and passion to help and serve. So if your a Home owner and need help out of a Funky situation like ,Foreclosure, inherited probate,or code violations property or just want to sell your home we can help.

By the way can you change to pic on the main website for fix and flip example. It has palm trees on it we have no plan trees here in Baltimore, MD.

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